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Safety is easily considered a discussion on police.  And in part it is, we must properly support our Sheriff's office to provide the service our citizens need while at the same time always look forward and keep our eyes up to see where the next impact to our lives will come from. 

But it is not only police.  As part of our safety elements, we also must support our District Attorney's office as they continue to root out the wrong and dangerous areas.  Our D.A. office stays vigilant in prosecuting those that break the law aggressively to make them regret coming to our area and then work with surrounding communities to build that approach wider and wider.  I am proud to hear the stories of where the criminal elements refuse to come to Rockwall because they know we will catch them and we will not go lightly.

We also continue to consider safety as we look at our building or land standards.  It is not flashy, and it doesn't receive the headlines, but it builds a long foundation on so many other areas.  We can avoid dangerous situations if we plan ahead properly and make sure we provide a safe environment.  

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