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I am running for County Commissioner to be a part of the discussion in how issues are resolved and how we move into the future.  I am running to make sure that our citizens’ voices are heard in that discussion.  I believe all discussions among the courts must be brought back to a principled set of beliefs.  I believe those base lined beliefs must be our guide in all decisions.

As county commissioner the primary role is to be the local oversight arm of the state.  But that oversight is given at the local level so we can listen to the local community.  The commissioners make local decisions that allow our county services to meet the needs of our citizens and allow the citizens of Rockwall a safe and thriving community.  We must listen locally to know how to make those decisions.

It is vital that we maintain our principles and base as we consider each and every decision in the process.  We must demand a balance on the vital areas to support our local citizens’ needs throughout the county while not losing sight of our principles in the name of compromise and convenience.  In Rockwall County we must always remember our standards of living are only possible by a consistent focus on the local community.

Individual Freedoms

Individual freedoms are the backbone that makes EVERYTHING else work.  As commissioner we need to always look to how our decisions impact that freedom.

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Limited Government

Limit government. Minimize government in our pockets.  Minimize government in our lives.

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Family Value

Family and Community values. We must always maintain a high value on family and the local community in our discussions.

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Safety is a key to our quality of life.  It is a fundamental element in the role of a county commissioner.  Provide for the safety of our citizens.  Read More


We live in a lake community.  We see it hit home.  We need to be vigilant and manage water in all our communities, in all our cities.  Read More

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